5 things to consider when choosing a Gaming Chair

DuelHawk chairs


A lot of Gaming chairs will come with flashy images and great marketing. However, they won’t mention what their chair is made of. For example, many chairs won’t mention that their base is made out of plastic or that the upholstery is similar to cheaper vinyl materials which are more prone to cracking and inferior to high quality PU or vegan leather. These things are extremely important, and it can mean the difference between your chair lasting years instead of months. For example, most chairs have a plastic base whereas we have aluminium bases on all our chars.


Check out the website. Send them an email or use their live chat function. Often these companies have below par customer service and you may be waiting weeks for your chair to arrive. Often they won’t answer your queries and will leave you stressed and wondering whether your expensive purchase will ever arrive. If a company responds quickly to a live chat or email it means that you have a good chance the product will arrive smoothly. For example Duelhawk has a live chat whereas other brands don’t.


Gaming chairs are bigger items and will require more care when being delivered. However this is not an excuse for a huge delay in shipping. Ideally, check where the item is being shipped from. Sometimes the item may even be coming from as far as China and will take weeks or months to arrive, even if it is advertised as quick shipping. Duelhawk has a warehouse in the UK and Europe. To make sure for the speediest of delivery times.


Yes, many chairs advertise that they will help support your back and help with posture. But how? Some of the chairs on the market don’t even come with a lumbar pillow. In-built lumbar support are generally seen as the premium standard. Make sure you know what you’re buying. At the end of the day you will spend hours sitting in your chair and will want to know your back is fully supported. Duelhawk gives you the option of a lumbar pillow or inbuilt lumbar support.

5. Do I really need to spend over £400 on a gaming chair?

Ask yourself if the extra features are really worth it? Are they useless marketing tricks and will they really improve your sitting experience? Often these companies will advertise improvements but are actually nothing more than a gimmick. For example, we have found that magnetic pillows will actually hinder your experience and often fall down due to weak magnets. We have really thought about you the customer! We have made it simple for you. We have the best quality chairs at the best price on the market.